Blueberry Levels - Intraday

ICT-based Daily Levels Script

Blueberry Levels - Intraday

This script began as a mathematical curiosity but we will do our best to explain it in layman's terms rather than bore anyone with the internals of it.

In short, the script recalculates daily at a set time, we have found 3:00 AM to be the most prescient time to anchor, we would not suggest anchoring this at any time other than an XX:00 time, use a rounded hour.

As for the initial condition, this is something that can be adjusted for the expectancy of moves and the range of the contract that is being traded.For example, if using crude (CL/MCL) "0.02" equates to "1" on the S&P (ES/MES). Likewise, NQ being roughly 3-4x the size of S&P requires an initial condition of roughly "4".You will find that adjusting the rest of the settings yield little, but they are available for your curiosity.

Script can only be used on futures contracts, but is not limited to indexes. If the lower or higher band are broken, it should be surmised that an aggressive trend has formed and with that, taking a reversion outside of the extremes is not suggested.

CL: Initial Condition of 0.02

ES: Initial Condition of 1

NQ: Initial Condition of 4

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